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Anything directly related to the ShapeScale product.

  1. Getting Started

    1. How does ShapeScale work?
    2. Is ShapeScale FDA approved?
    3. What voltage is supported with ShapeScale?
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  2. ShapeScale Subscription

    1. Why do you have a subscription pricing model?
    2. What are the different subscription plans I can choose from?
    3. What do the subscriptions include?
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  3. ShapeScale App

    1. Can the second user supported by my subscription be changed?
    2. If I decide to sell my ShapeScale, can I also sell the subscription?
    3. Does the ShapeScale app work on iOS and Android?
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  4. Product information

    1. Can I use ShapeScale when I am pregnant?
    2. What's the height limit for ShapeScale users?
    3. What are the dimensions of ShapeScale?
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  5. Body Measurements and Composition Data

    1. Does ShapeScale measure visceral fat?
    2. What body measurement data do I get from ShapeScale?
    3. What's the Shape Index?
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  6. Commercial use

    1. I'm a distributor, sales agent and/or retailer. Can I help you sell ShapeScale?
    2. I’m an influencer and would like to showcase ShapeScale. What should I do?
    3. I'm a personal trainer and/or gym owner, can I use ShapeScale?
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  7. ShapeScale store, ordering, billing and refunds

    1. What is the price of ShapeScale?
    2. Where can I buy a ShapeScale?
    3. Will your offer a money-back guarantee and returns?
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  8. Availability, shipping and logistics

    1. When will my ShapeScale be shipped and delivered?
    2. Which countries have to pay tax?
    3. How much are the shipping costs?
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