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What is the price of ShapeScale?

We have three different pricing models.

In order to reserve your ShapeScale with a subscription plan, you will pay a reservation price of $499. Subscription fees, shipping and tax will be paid later, when the product is delivered.

The Subscription plans can be structured in three different ways.

You can choose to pay

Option A: $9.99/month and be billed annually (a one-year commitment)


Option B: $12.99/month and be billed monthly (a one-year commitment)

These plans allow the supporting of 2 users. However, you do have the possibility to add additional for $2.99/month/user.

The ShapeScale device’s price will be charged to your credit card upon purchase. The add-on subscription plan will only be charged once you have received and activated your ShapeScale.

After the first year, you will have a chance to downgrade to a free plan which allows for continuous use and storing of a single scan. You’ll be able to view your current measures and in the future, use your ShapeScan for non-health apps such as virtual fitting rooms, tailor-made clothing, 3D printing, VR and more.

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  1. Terrence Thomas

    Yes Dave Kauffman. I had the same thought. Thanks for posting. 

  2. Dave Kauffman

    Is the monthly versus yearly charge statement backwards?

    Why would it be cheaper paying monthly over paying yearly?

    Option A says yearly subscription billed monthly. 

    Option B says monthly subscription billed yearly.  


  3. Deborah Ann Williams