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What is the price of ShapeScale?


We have two different pricing models.

In order to reserve your ShapeScale with a subscription plan, you will pay a reservation price of $499. Subscription fees, shipping and tax will be paid later, when the product is delivered.

The Subscription plans can be structured in two different ways.

You can choose to pay

Option A: $9.99/month and be billed annually (a one-year commitment)


Option B: $12.99/month and be billed monthly (a one-year commitment)

These plans allow the supporting of 5 users. However, you do have the possibility to add additional for $9.99/month/user.

The ShapeScale device’s price will be charged to your credit card upon purchase. The add-on subscription plan will only be charged once you have received and activated your ShapeScale.

After the first year, you will have a chance to downgrade to a free plan which allows for continuous use and storing of a single scan. You’ll be able to view your current measures and in the future, use your ShapeScan for non-health apps such as virtual fitting rooms, tailor-made clothing, 3D printing, VR and more.

If you're interested in using ShapeScale for business purposes, please visit 

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  1. Jennifer Ho

    I’ve emailed several times now and you guys texted me but there is no direction as to how you’re going to refund me (which I’ve requested, clearly). I now have documentation as to how long I’ve been trying to get a hold of you guys to resolve this. I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and will file other reports suggested to me if I am not refunded within 10 business days.  Thanks. 5-23-2019

  2. Diego

    I want to buy a Shapescale ASAP, I´m from Switzerland , can you send it ? also I can pick it up in CA, no Problem, I will be in CA in Febrary, Please let me know ... 

    Also is it possible to have it with the appropriate power cables for Europe?

    thanks for the info

  3. Lilla Laczo

    Staff –

    Hi James, 

    Sorry for the inconvenience. If you still have this issue and/or any specific questions/requests regarding your order, please drop me an email to and I'll be happy to help!

  4. JamesSarvey

    I ordered a Shapescale on March 17, 2018.  I chose the paid in full plan.  My card was charged $399 but I've not received the product.  My emails, phone call and IMs over the past three months asking for the order status have not received any response.  Kinda feeling like I've been scammed.

  5. Pierre Nolet

    where is my order ?? 

  6. Sheena Neil

    When is Batch 3 planned on being shipped on? And where can we get information if everything is being manufactured and shipped on time?


  7. Charlie

    Staff –

    Hi Wei, 

    We will be aiming for late April for Batch 4. 

  8. Charlie

    Staff –

    Thank you, for pointing that out Dave and Terrence, it was corrected

  9. Charlie

    Staff –

    Hi Deborah,

    There is a limited product guarantee of 2-years for European customers and 1-year for other locations.  

  10. Wei Chen

    Here state Batch 4 ships in June 2018 ("In order to reserve your ShapeScale with a subscription plan, you will pay a reservation price of $349. Subscription fees, shipping and tax will be paid later, when we ship in June 2018."), but the main ShapeScale website states that it ships in April 2018. 

    Which is correct?