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Will your offer a money-back guarantee and returns?

Absolutely! We have a ‘No-Questions-Asked’ refund policy up to 45 days after delivery. Meaning that you can cancel your order any time prior to delivery and get a full refund. Additionally, we also offer a 45-day trial period after delivery, during which you can test ShapeScale and return it afterward.

Note, shipping costs of return may apply.

Please also remember, that you will only have one opportunity to receive ShapeScale at the limited quantity launch price.

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  1. Lilla Laczo

  2. Posted
  3. Updated



    The only way to get a refund is to have you account from 5 years ago 

    fucking ridiculous cunts 


    what is the status of my order from "batch 4" which is now almost 1 year late from prior transmission. keep in mind i paid in full $700 which i am very close to demanding repayment for upon reporting to the authorities...

  3. Xavier

    Staff –

    Hi Ine,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Drop me an email at and I'll get all of this sorted!

  4. Jennifer Ho

    I’ve emailed several times now and you guys texted me but there is no direction as to how you’re going to refund me (which I’ve requested, clearly). I now have documentation as to how long I’ve been trying to get a hold of you guys to resolve this. I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and will file other reports suggested to me if I am not refunded within 10 business days.  Thanks. 5-23-2019

  5. Ine Velaers

    Hi Lilla,  how tp proceed for a refund?  I CONTACTED martin several time as to when I finally get delivered...but no response

  6. Charlie

    Staff –

    Hi Saeed and Marci, I am very sorry we have missed your emails/phone calls. We were in a transitional phase moving office. Have your issues now been resolved?

  7. saeed molaie

    Hey Marci,  were you able to get your money back? Because they also don't answer any of my questions regarding this topic.

  8. Marci Ross Fullilove

    What procedures do you have to follow to cancel an order? I have been trying to contact someone to cancel my order and I have not been successful. The phone number is no longer in service and using the chat thing, no one is responding.