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I don’t understand your pricing model. How do the subscriptions work?

We have three different pricing plans:

Subscription Plans
In order to reserve your ShapeScale with a subscription plan, you will pay an initial price of $499.

Once we ship your ShapeScale to you, you will pay for shipping costs and any relevant taxes. Californian and Canadian orders will be charged sales tax. For European orders, ShapeScale is liable for VAT.

When you receive ShapeScale a subscription will begin to incur. 

When purchasing your ShapeScale, you will have the option to select one of the three options listed below: 

  • Option 1: Pay annually, $9.99/month ($120/year)
  • Option 2: Pay monthly, $12.99/month
  • Option 3: Pay once for a Lifetime Subscription, $300.

All pricing model options offer the same amount of features. They are simply different ways of affording them. 

All these plans allow the supporting of 2 users. However, you do have the possibility to add up to 8 additional users for $2.99/month/user. Totaling up to 10 available profiles. If you are interested in commercial use of ShapeScale contact us or 1-833-BY-SHAPE.

After the first year, you will have a chance to downgrade to a free plan which allows for continuous use and storing of a single scan. You’ll be able to view your current measures and in the future, use your ShapeScan for non-health apps such as virtual fitting rooms, tailor-made clothing, 3D printing, VR and more.

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