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It’s difficult for me to pre-order something so far in advance. What are your credentials?

Shape is a Silicon Valley-based company backed by the renowned venture capital firm and accelerator 'Y Combinator', as well as 'StartX' - the startup accelerator associated with Stanford University. The Shape founding team has long-standing experience in product development, manufacturing, and distribution of consumer products. Both founders worked in China for several years before moving to San Francisco.

CEO of Shape, Alexandre Wayenberg,  ran a product design and engineering consultancy called Capsule. During his tenure, he developed several internet-of-things products from scratch all the way to mass-manufacturing. For example, the Tittle Light, uHoo pollution sensor and Domo Safety. 

COO, Martin Kessler, has been active in sales, marketing and project management of consumer electronics for nearly 10 years. Prior to founding Shape, he acted as Founder and CEO of Phonejoy and as CMO of Ambi Labs, both venture-backed internet of things companies.

The entire team Shape is made up of veterans with decades of experience of bringing consumer products to market. Almost none of the product development is outsourced and our team is fully capable and has a proven track record of bringing devices to market.

Read more about the team on our Company page.

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  1. Ashalan Diyamayi

    How did you solve  Jennifer Ho‘s request? am concerned

  2. Jennifer Ho

    I’ve emailed several times now and you guys texted me but there is no direction as to how you’re going to refund me (which I’ve requested, clearly). I now have documentation as to how long I’ve been trying to get a hold of you guys to resolve this. I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and will file other reports suggested to me if I am not refunded within 10 business days.  Thanks. 5-23-2019