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How accurate is ShapeScale?

ShapeScale’s data accuracy, let it be girth or body fat, is dependent on its depth accuracy, which is down to a sixteenth of an inch.

Our body fat data is much more accurate than that of regular scales because of algorithms similar to hydrostatic weighing that makes use of body volume and density to determine the user’s body fat mass.

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  1. Lilla Laczo

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  1. Igal Mirman

    is there an answer as to how accurate this scan in relation to DEXA scan ?

  2. Ian Conroy

    What is the percentage of accuracy? I'm very reluctant to purchase do to the vagueness of this answer. I've searched and haven't been able to find a valid answer to this question. Please advise, I would love to own one of these

  3. Ben Tseitlin

    That would be exactly my question as well. The main question would be how accurate is this vs a professionally done scan.
  4. 'Dae Noh'

    The answer to the question does not truly answer the question but instead gives a high level explanation of how it works.  "More accurate than that of regular scales" is vague and is not really a measurable metric.  For example, DEXA's accuracy is stated as at least 99% accurate.   What is the percentage of accuracy with ShapeScale?