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What does the ShapeScale app do? What data does it give me?

The ShapeScale app collects data from the ShapeScale device and shows an interactive, photorealistic  3D avatar of your full body on your smartphone.

The app offers detailed and predictive, analytical capabilities. App features include:

  • Heat map: Visually shows where you’ve been losing fat and/or gaining muscles with color-coded 3D variation heat maps 

  • Difference view: Compares your body shape now to your body shape at a previous date and visualizes areas of growth and reduction with transparent 3D overlays.

  • Localized lean mass and body fat: Using body volume, density, and computer vision, ShapeScale will pinpoint local body fat and lean mass percentages. The level of accuracy of this data is comparable to the accuracy of hydrostatic weighing.

  • Visual goal setting: Augment your current ShapeScan™ to visualize a future you in order to set up and track your progress toward your goals.

  • Girth measures: Simple circumference measurements of your waistline, biceps, forearms, neck, shoulders, chest, hips, thighs & calves.

  • 3D Timelapse: Creates a timelapse of how your body shape has been changing over time. Also, has a swipe-through function.

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