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Will the accompanying app be free?

Due to popular demand, you have the opportunity to choose between three subscription plans:

Option A: Yearly subscription for $9.99/month. You will be billed annually (a one-year commitment)

Option B: Monthly subscription for $12.99/month. You will be billed monthly (a one-year commitment).

Option C: Lifetime Subscription for $300. This will only need to be paid once.

During our pre-order campaign, you only have to pay the initial fee of $499 when placing the order. Remaining costs and subscription fees will be charged at a later point.

These subscriptions provide you with full access to the ShapeScale app, cloud processing, and storage of your ShapeScans.

Due to the cloud processing costs behind scans, we can only allow for up to 2 users with the personal plans. You do have the possibility though to add extra users for $2.99/month/user.

If you would like to use ShapeScale in a business context, we have plans to launch a business version at a later point. This commercial plan will allow you to support more than 2 users with different conditions than under personal subscription plans. 

If you are a potential business user, we would highly appreciate if you could fill in this short form to let us better understand the market and the opportunities for ShapeScale.

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  1. Carielen Echevarria Weight Loss

    Can I take body  3D scales with out keeping record