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What are the different subscription plans I can choose from?

We have three different personal subscription plans available. 

Option A: Yearly subscription for $9.99/month. You will be billed annually (a one-year commitment)

Option B: Monthly subscription for $12.99/month. You will be billed monthly (a one-year commitment).

The ShapeScale's initial price is at $499. You will be charged when you pre-order the product. Remaining costs and subscription fees will be charged at a later point.

These plans support 2 users. However, you do have the possibility to add extra users for $2.99/month/user.

If you would like to use ShapeScale in a business context, we have plans to launch a business version at a later point. This commercial plan will allow you to support more than 2 users with different conditions than under personal subscription plans. 

If you are a potential business user, we would highly appreciate if you could fill in this short form to let us better understand the market and the opportunities for ShapeScale.

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  1. Lilla Laczo

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  1. Xavier

    Staff –

    Hi Paul,

    Unfortunately this won't be possible with the ShapeScale.
    Please do send me an email at if you have any further questions!

  2. Paul PJ Schellberg

    Can you create a home server that i can load and operate from, like a Plex server? where you licence a server and a client which removes the cloud from the equation? 

  3. Pablo Vargas

    If I went with the annual plan of $9.99, I would need to pay that amount for the life of the scale or for as long as I have it? 

    If I had the scale for 5 years it would cost me roughly $950 with the $9.99 monthly for 60 months on top of the 349. Is that correct?