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How does ShapeScale work?

Easy. You simply step on your ShapeScale. The RGB+Depth sensor will then rotate all around you to capture your body data. The scan will take no longer than sixty seconds and it syncs automatically with the ShapeScale app.

The Depth sensor projects IR coded light onto your body to capture the depth of close to 15 million points every second. This point cloud is then converted into a very accurate body model. The RGB camera captures dozens of photos that are then sliced and stitched to create a photorealistic texture. The information is sent to our server that will compute your photorealistic 3D avatar. This enables you to track changes in your body down to the slightest detail. 

If you want to learn a bit more about how ShapeScale calculates your body fat and lean mass click here!

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  1. Brett Robinson

    Does ShapeScale work? Broken promises since 2018 with shipping dates forever being pushed back. Has ShapeScale delivered a single unit? Latest update... "Shipping in early 2023", sure it is!!! And now you can pre-order for $1799? Good grief!