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When will you give me an exact delivery date?

We are working hard to get ShapeScale to you as fast as we can. We will be coming out with a new customer dashboard as soon as we have the exact delivery dates. 

There you will be able to track the progress of your, check your batch number, and make changes to your shipping or billing information. 

In the meantime, if you have any specific questions regarding your order and/or would like to change any information attached to your order, please drop us an email!

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  1. Lilla Laczo

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    Ive requested a refund and no one has gotten back to me.

  2. Dr. Joanna Faulk

    OMG... I can not believe what I am reading here... I purchased this for a gift (Summer of 2018 for Christmast 2018 gift)... I HAD NO IDEA that people purchased in 2017 and STILL HAVE NOTHING... I'm contacting BBB now... I thought it was just a "short delay"... what a joke!

  3. Jeffrey Castor

    I was so tempted during the batch 1 and 2 to place an order and now I am so glad that I did not and I am sorry for those who placed money and are still waiting. If you ever get this product to the market I am surely going to wait for all the bugs to happen first. Then I might order one

  4. Xavier

    Staff –

    Hi everyone,

    As mentioned in our last customer update, we’ll start shipping the ShapeScale pre-orders at the end of 2019 in the order they had been placed.
    If you have any other questions/queries, please do send me an email at !

  5. Jennifer Ho

    Batch three purchased in July 2017. Still nothing and you guys are still taking preorders and claiming that Batch 1-4 have been shipped. You also claim that refunds are available at any time... no one will email or call back. This whole company is built on false claims and therefore a complete scam.

  6. Audie Wright

    where is my product?  I ordered 11/7/2017.  I'm supposedly batch 5, but reading threads below people that ordred after me are in earlier batches?

  7. Alex

    I have been watching this thread for a while ... and I keep waiting before buying.

    It’s a miracle that all these very patient, generous but very frustrated customers haven’t started a class action lawsuit against the company yet. 

    The level of incompetence and indifference is astonishing. 

    This is the reason why most start up founders get pushed out by investors shortly after, because most the time they are awful business people. Just because you have a good idea (and this was a great idea), it doesn’t mean you know how to execute it or the basics of running a company.

    I hope the VCs and other invertors take action and hire a profesional CEO with a proper management team. Give the founders an “advisory” or a board seat and a few million to go enjoy themselves. It’s time for the big boys and girls to take over. 

  8. Michael Parkanskiy

    I ordered and paid for my scale back in May 2017. Never got it, and probably never will. 

    So if you looking to buy one, Dont!

    If you paid for one, claim your money as a loss, you'll never see it, nor the scales. 

    Sadly, but seems like a good idea. 

  9. Derek Rapp


    I share the frustrations of many of the folks who have posted below. Your product looks awesome. there was a ton of hype around the possibilities. I actually attempted to contact your company several times regarding possible commercial applications through your website and NEVER got a reply. Not even an automated message to say you received my questions.  

    I think all of us understand that product delays are a reality when a company brings a new innovative product to the market and especially when quality control is so important to a favorable launch.  That being said, the proper way to handle this is predictable updates to those of us who decided to invest in your product and give you a several hundred dollar interest free loan for a product that was not yet made. yall made several promises in regards to delivery, and functionality. None of us have received the product we paid for.  I think many of us still want the product. So , to try to salvage this situation your options are :

    1) put up a link so we can get refunds  to everyone who wants one.

    2) Improve your communication and transparency immediately so that we dont continue to lose faith. If you break promises, the answer is explanation and transparency not radio silence. 

    Some suggestions to improve your customer service. 

    1) post updates to your website detailing the progress, setbacks, and expect fixes. include pictures

    2) post videos showing the product actually working (if you have them). if there are quality issues show it. this increases confidence that you care about giving us something good.  I recently purchased a digital projector on indiegogo. they also had a ton of production delays, quality issues, and even broken projectors due to low quality packaging.  instead of complete radio silence, I just received my 18th email update from them.  they took pics in the chinese production facility. they showed the changes to the packaging, they showed the quality control process, and today they showed the upgraded packaging to prove not only their product was real but also that they cared about their investors. 

    3) Compensate us: you have broken your delivery promises. that may have been due to things outside your direct control, but that is your problem not ours. if you want happy investors (cant call us customers until we actually get product) you need to show you are accountable.   Since you have choosen a subscription service model several options: several free months for the monthly ppl. partial refund, expanded number of profiles, or unlimited profiles for all.  

    I look forward to your reply. 


  10. greglisasm

    Has anyone actually received their shapescale yet?