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If I order a ShapeScale now, why do you ship later?

ShapeScale is a complicated product. While our team has completed development on the hardware of ShapeScale, we still need to work with an overseas manufacturer to industrialize the design so that we can mass-produce ShapeScale.

This is a process that involves tooling, supplier negotiations, package design, assembly line setup, rigorous testing, certification, logistics and much more. It’s a process that unfortunately takes several months.

For Shape, it is paramount to determine demand and negotiate the best supplier and manufacturing deals. Without early-bird customers, none of this would be possible, which is why we offer a steep discount to everyone that pre-orders a ShapeScale.

Please refer to your batch number to estimate when your ShapeScale will be shipped. 

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  1. Lilla Laczo

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  1. Jennifer Ho

    Batch three purchased in July 2017. Still nothing and you guys are still taking preorders and claiming that Batch 1-4 have been shipped. You also claim that refunds are available at any time... no one will email or call back. This whole company is built on false claims and therefore a complete scam.

  2. rwrackley

    No one has received anything yet from what i can tell. Probably an FTC issue here. 

  3. Carlo Cardoni

    ok sorry! i would order one shape, but if you deliver the product only in 2018 i will wait! may be i find someone else, elsewhere an prompter.thx